Project Leader in Cancer Drug Discovery    Location: Shanghai    

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develop project strategy and communicate with the stakeholders;

2. Lead efforts on target validation, assay development and compound screening by working with CRO and/or external collaborators;  

3. Collaborate with other function lines to generate preclinical data package of lead compounds;

4. Investigate MoA of lead compounds and develop biomarker strategy;

5. Present data in internal and external scientific meetings, and contribute to scientific publications;

6. Train and direct junior scientists; act as a resource for providing scientific expertise;

7. Contribute to the greater good of the organization, including administration and scientific culture. 



1. Doctoral degree in life sciences with 5+ years of postdoctoral industrial and academic working experiences, or master’s degree with equivalent qualifications;

2. Comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of cancer biology and small molecule drug discovery;

3. Broad in vitro biochemical and cellular assay development experiences;

4. Proven track record of contributions in delivery of milestones and advancing drug discovery projects;

5. Detail oriented with strong organization skills in order to manage and meet deliverables;

6. Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills;

7. Excellent time and resources management skills;

8. Strong publication record is a plus;

9. Experiences in managing studies at CRO is a plus.

電話: 86-(021)-20568888

地址: 上海市張江高科技園區牛頓路421號

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